WinHosts Manager

An open-source hassle-free editor for Windows Hosts file

Hosts definition made easy!

There are many reasons to edit the Hosts file. Many people use it to define machine-specific DNS-like entries, so that a symbolic name is translated to an IP address. This is useful for web developers, for network administrators, or for anyone who simply wishes to redirect a website to a given IP (of course it's bad if you wish to use this technique for criminal purposes!).

But editing it is so tedious! It is inside the Windows directory, so you need administrator privileges to overwrite it. You may have forgotten the location of the Hosts file, and while a quick Google search will help you, it's more work anyway.

You might even just want to see what's in the Hosts file. Malicious software can sometimes inject redirects in your system, and you might want to check if someone has been hijacking your network traffic.

This is where this application comes into play. It requires elevated privileges via the Windows UAC, so you won't forget about that. Also, you'll be able to edit the hosts list more easily than ever!

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WinHosts Manager 0.1 main window
The main window

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